wARt 50 by Kamil Sznurkowski


aWARt designed by Kamil Sznurkowski

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wARt by Kamil Sznurkowski

Kamil Krzysztof Sznurkowski is an instigator. He doesn’t like to take life as it is, he questions everything instead which not always comes from disagreeing but rather just taking a moment to think and ask “why?”, “what for?”. Through his graphics and other works, he triggers his viewers to do the same, to stop for a while and think. Kamil started creating his series LEGAL ERROR during the national lockdown. It is his manifesto, his statement saying NO to the terror of any kind and form. Kamil seeks freedom and normality in our twisted world. He observes love being turned into money, truth into lies, and the system which forces one to obey no matter what… and why? What if one believes in different values? Does one even have any choice, any other way? In the last few months, the most visible outcome of the government’s work is a huge fear amongst people. A fear which divides and separates when people should unify and learn to live together as one. Being inspired by street art and having an impressionist spirit, he wants to catch a moment to make you stop for a while and think. He does not provide any answers, he just points out our reality and forces us to ask ourselves if that’s the world we want to live in.


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