Har Har Mahadev 50 by Krzysztof Maciejczak


Good carrier 25 designed by Krzysztof Maciejczak

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Har Har Mahadev 25 by Krzysztof Maciejczak

Krzysztof Maciejczak is the one and only god. Shiva or whatever one and only god you want at this very moment, as you are the same one and only everything, and you make the decision here. who or what you prefer to be, who or what you don’t prefer to be or not to be. just the same, one and only blob of existence, whose immanent property is consciousness. whose smallest particles share the same property, same same, but different. yes, you are these all vibes, good and evil, very good and utterly wrong, same same. so you distort, you travel, and you shake, you move through all the possibilities and probabilities, you observe, you remove obstacles. with your will hidden so deep, most invisible for all your telescopes and microwaves, untraceable. so you grow. and then you exhale or shrink, and then you swallow and then you spit. sometimes it’s you and then immediately it’s us or them, you against all odds, multiplying, and then uniting with your free will invisible to the naked eye. your vehicle shakes with impatience. you are a good carrier, goods carrier in your most dear truck of flowers, a thousand of thousands petal lotuses, exploding, and colours, and death. you are the god’s carrier, exploding and imploding at this very moment. take notice.


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